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Who We Are


Hey Everyone! I’m Carey Lewis, the new owner of The Common Moms Guelph.


I am the proud Mom to my 14 month old daughter who has kept me on my toes since the day she arrived in my life. We recently moved to South East Guelph (with only family near by).


I currently teach at Sheridan College within the Faculty of Human and Community Studies, specifically the Early Childhood Diploma program. I have a flexible schedule that has allowed me to join The Common Moms team. My experience working in childcare as an RECE and School Director, as well as leading the next generation of RECE’s has given me the necessary tools to be able to lead your inclusive programs here in Guelph. 


With the addition of my daughter to my little family, it really made me realize how much changes as you try to navigate being a mother, running a household and the support you need to do so. I truly felt like a found a community and a sense of belonging when I started bringing my daughter to The Common Moms family room in Waterdown and I wanted to create the same experience for anyone else out here in Guelph.


I really cannot wait to connect with you all out here and create a new community and memories out here.


Carey Lewis

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